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Family Rallies to Save Adopted Pet Deer


To the average person, Florecita is just another deer but the Cervantes family considers her one of their own; soon, California Fish and Game will take her away.

“I am never going to see her again,” said Ulises Cervantes, 7.

“She is pretty much like my child. We raised her since she was probably like seven days old. She had her umbilical cord still attached to her,” said Saida Ponce.

The Cervantes family rescued Florecita after they found her dead mother lying on the road.

They took her as if she were their own and even fed her with a bottle.

“She was like the baby. We do not have any girls so she was like the girl in the family,” said Ponce.

Neighbors have love for Florecita, too.

“She is like a family member to this family, a very young family, which is learning the value of a pet and how you care for them properly,” said neighbor Debbie Atkins.

The Doe runs free on the family’s large property.

She is close to the children she follows them even neighbors have grown attached.

California law, however, says it is illegal for the average person to keep a wild animal.

“If she had not been rescued she would not be on this earth. She has had two plus years of really great care and it just seems kind of sad they would get penalized for that,” said Atkins.

Florecita will have to be trained and will likely never return to the wild.

“People pay for killing a deer during Hunting season. I do not understand why we can not get a permit to keep her on our property,” said Ponce.

Fish and Game says their intentions are to do what is in the best interest of the deer.

Their hope is to return Florecita to the wild if ever possible.