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Local Gun Stores Low on Ammo


Gun shop managers across the Sacramento Valley say it’s the worst it has ever been.

“We’ve never had this little of ammunition in our shop before,” says Michael Horne, assistant manager of Shooters Warehouse. “Usually we have 1000’s of rounds on the floor.”

There are supposed to be five boxes of ammo in each space and on every shelf in the store, yet most of the shelves were pretty empty Sunday.

“We’re not the only gun shop in town, the manufacturer is sending us less,” Horne told FOX40.

Since December, the store manager says there’s been an ammo drought.

“It takes time for demand to settle down so manufacturers can catch up,” Horne says.

It’s supply and demand, he tells us. People are lined up in his store to buy ammo more than ever before, fearing legislation will prevent them from getting it in the future.

“In the United States we have the loosest laws … the largest suicide rate and the largest homicide rates,” says Gov. Dan Malloy of Connecticut.

Shooter’s Warehouse expects to have a full stock of ammo by summer, 2013.

“Thank goodness we make a lot of our money off of the guns, we have no short supply of that!” Horne says.