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City Misses Maloofs’ ‘Deadline’ to Submit Bid; Investors Not Concerned

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Mayor Kevin Johnson began his week asking Kings fans, via video, to make their final closing arguments to the NBA about keeping Sacramento’s team in Sacramento.

He’s wrapping up the week disregarding something the current Kings owners once said was final – a 5 p.m. Friday deadline to send them a written purchase proposal  for the Kings.

FOX40 went to City Hall trying to get some comment from the mayor about the Maloofs’ mark in the sand. He couldn’t be made available, according to his press secretary.

Ben Sosenko, the mayor’s spokesperson, did give this statement off-camera:

“We’re in lockstep with the NBA. We’re following the NBA’s timeline and we feel good about it. We have a beyond competitive offer.”

Late Friday, it seemed the Maloofs weren’t sure of their own timeline with NBA TV reporting the family was giving Sacramento two more days to match Seattle’s $525 million bid for the team.

“Stern said right now they’re the decision-makers. The Maloofs have decided they wanted to sell. Now it’s up to the NBA to decide if they can sell,” said Phil Oates, one of the 20-plus local investors adding $1 million each to the keep the Kings effort.

Oates isn’t too concerned about Sac missing any Maloof  deadline.

Also on his list of things to not worry about – any hit the city’s buy-bid may have taken with this week’s loss of billionaire Ron Burkle as an equity partner.

And no flinching either  about developer Mark Friedman and social media guru Chris Kelly subbing in from the bench the week before the NBA’s set to decide if the Kings will stay on their Sacramento throne.

“I feel like the whole trend of everything that’s happening is in our favor and I am very confident that there will be a ‘Sacramento  Kings’ for the 2013-14 season,” said Oates

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  • Corkchops

    While I admit I'm not a sports fan and hope the kings don't stay in Sacramento, this is getting stupid! Put the money for the unneeded new arena into public schools where it belongs and stop Kevin Johnson's grandstanding.

  • grantpacer02

    You still don't get it like most of these people in sacramento. Its more than just the kings its about our local economy. This arena will boost the local economy bringing more money into the city. Which means more money into public schools etc. You should check out downtown plaza and see if it has any soul in there. Sacramento and this region really needs this arena. And with that said go Lakers