Stockton Residents Shaken after Pit Bull Kills Woman

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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A woman was mauled and killed by a pit bull Thursday night in Stockton.
The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office got a call about the dog attacking the woman around 8 p.m. on North Lillian Avenue near East Fremont Street.
They found the woman unresponsive in the driveway and said she had wounds on her body consistent with that of a dog attack.
San Joaquin County investigators are still trying to determine who the victim is and whether or not she lived at the residence they found her in front of.

Neighbors are shaken and one says the same pit bull bit her late husband and the owner of the dangerous dog has more pit bulls.

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  • practicalone2

    Any dog can "bite". This is not a "bite". This fatal attack was the behavior of a "good" pit bull.

    When the AKC refused to accept the fighting dog breeds, the UKC was formed to provide registry. Reg. #1 was given to the founder's own pit, Bennett's Ring.

    While the AKC is simply a beauty pageant for dogs, the UKC stressed form and function, ie the dog had to prove he could do the breed's job in order to become a Champion. Your UKC registered American Pit Bull Terrier, to be granted Champion status, had to WIN 3 DOG FIGHTS, with a UKC referee in attendance to report the battle to the UKC.

    MAULING, KILLING is what pits were created to do! The current pit mongers don't want you to know this and continue to "create and re-write history", but read the books written before the 1980s, This was good pit bull behavior.

  • ChaChita209

    This is a very sad and unfortunate story, however, is there any supporting evidence indicating this is a "Pit Bull" or is this another biased story to create a media storm surrounding this particular breed? I hope that all the facts are straight in this story regarding the breed of the dog. Any pictures? I hope that the owner will be held accountable for not being a responsible owner regardless the breed of the dog! If this has happened in the past, why haven't the neighbors reported this and anything been done about it? It very unfortunate that the dogs take the blame for what the humans have made them to be.