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Couple Accused of Embezzling $173,000 from Youth Soccer Club

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A couple was arrested for embezzling thousands from a youth soccer club.

“It’s really disappointing and a real black eye for the community, ” said Joe Orlando, who used to coach in the club.

A tough reality to face for Orlando, a former FOX40 morning anchor, as police reveal they’ve arrested a couple with ties to the Roseville Youth Soccer Club he coached for for eight years.

He left the club in 2010  – a year before an alleged $173,000 embezzlement scheme kicked-in.

“This is really surprising because there’s never really been a glitch within the program,” he said.

While serving as the club’s treasurer, investigators say Heather Sanford of Carmichael wrote checks to her husband Christopher on the club’s account, made cash withdrawals and used the club’s debit card for personal purchases.

He’s now under arrest as well.

Chris Metzler runs Extreme Soccer in Roseville and as the playing community reacts, his phone’s been ringing off the hook.

“People are angry. People are confused. Everyone wants to know why she did it and how she thought she was going to get away with it,” said Metzler.

Excitement about gear and getting on the field – that’s what the Gruetert family wishes the buzz was all about Wednesday.

“These kind of things are very tough on the families and players and takes someone with pretty poor morals to do that kind of thing,” said soccer dad Tim Gruetert.

Roseville Police say the club first alerted them about discrepancies last November.

Current club leaders told FOX40 they could not comment about the situation per the request of investigators.

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