Hole In Wall Burglar Doesn’t Fool Police


A man who reportedly who burrowed into a Natomas-area restaurant from a vacant storefront next door failed to convince police that he was asleep during a burglary attempt.

Julio Basquez, 26, broke into the International Bistro restaurant at closing time. But owner Miguel Ramos and his wife were still inside.

“I heard a bang, bang, bang from the back,” said Ramos.

When he went to investigate, the banging go louder.  He and his wife promptly left the building and called police.

They set up a perimeter and when the went they opened the back door they found Basquez lying on the floor pretending that he was asleep.  He had covered up the hole in the wall between the two businesses with a table top, but cops didn’t fall for the ruse.

Basquez had piled up items he was about to take including a paint sprayer, and amplifier and a guitar.  Ramos is an amateur musician who often entertains his guests in the dining room.

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