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Man Getting Death Threats over Arena Survey


Tab Berg says he’s been getting death threats ever since he released a survey he commissioned about the planned new arena in downtown Sacramento.

Berg’s survey shows the city is split evenly on whether or not the public should get a vote on the arena plan.

The City Council approved this plan a few weeks back, and will soon be decided on by the NBA.

Berg says there’s still plenty of time for a vote.

“At this point, no deal has been made whatsoever,” Berg told FOX40.

Arena proponents say it would derail any chance the city has of keeping the Sacramento Kings.

“This is so late in the game. This is it,” said Mike Tavares, with Crown Downtown. “There is a decision that is coming out with in the next couple of weeks.”

Berg believes the public needs to know why this arena is a good deal for taxpayers, and that more community involvement means a better chance for the team to stay.

Still, both sides agree that a debate shouldn’t escalate to violence.

“We can agree to disagree. That’s fine, but to have threats against somebody for what they believe in, that is something that is not right and not what people should be doing,” Tavares said.