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Feds Prosecute Nevada Hospital After ‘Patient Dumping’


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SACRAMENTO – A division of the Department of Health and Human Services has taken disciplinary action against a Nevada state hospital after cases of “patient dumping” were reported. 

The Feds found Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services guilty of negligent practices – including “dumping” a patient on a bus from Las Vegas to Sacramento. According to the investigation, the hospital bought tickets for over 1,500 patients and sent them all over the country over the past few years.

The hospital is losing its status as a Medicare provider immediately and being put under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health and Human Services. They will have ten days to address the Feds’ concerns, or risk further penalties.


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  • Bernie

    Every person who played a part in that or who had knowledge and didn’t speak up should lose their license a well! Those were human beings, who were dependent on their care and safety. Who knows how many people may have lost their lives as a result, our may have been injured assaulted or taken advantage of. I am sure the hospital has gotten rid of plenty of records and paper trails.

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