Barn Blockbuster: Rare Set of Twin Horses Born

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A barn blockbuster out of Herald – a rare set of twin fillies!

Just like a set of human twins might be a little small, these four-legged girls are just the same.

Paint newborns would normally  be 60 to 80 pounds, but instead one is 60 and the other is 40

It’s supposed to be all hush-hush in the Maxwell Ranch nursery,  but just like and just like any other nursery – the babies are the ones making a ruckus.

Rightfully so the new twin horses are an event that only happens once out of every of 10,000 times a horse gives birth.

“They’re doing fantastic. They’re both strong, healthy, nursing really well,” said their doctor, veterinarian Alicia Webster.

Pint and baby sister Half-Pint gave part-time rancher George Maxwell the surprise of his life just before 3 a.m. Friday.

“The big one came out first.. followed by the smaller one and all I did was pray that they would make it,” he said.

And prayer would be appropriate.

Seventy percent of twin horse pregnancies result in a partial abortion.

“So the ability to carry two full-term, to deliver both and both be healthy and strong is pretty uncommon,” said Webster.

But mom, Dazzling Design, apparently had designs on besting her record – making championship year as a 2 year old, with her two babies.

The former show paint calls stall number two home at  the Maxwells’ ranch, so someone should have caught the hint right?

Now the biggest concern is double-checking that mom is producing enough milk for her dynamic duo to hoof it into adulthood healthy.

If all goes well and their blood work comes back ok, the girls won’t have to have another doctor visit for four to six months.

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  • Tairaterces

    3 years ago a set of twins were born in Fallbrook and immediately taken to Helen Woodward Animal Center as Sunny(colt) was 60-lbs and Angel(filly) was 40-lbs. They were put on 24/7 watch for 2 weeks.
    As they grew their tendons needed careful attention and had to have splints and braces off and on during their growing spurts. Dr. Rodrigo Vasquez of Rancho Santa Fe was their vet and he did a marvelous job . . . . . babies just celebrated their 3rd birthday and their legs are straight and strong. If Pint and Half-pint need assistance I'm sure Dr. Vasquez could give some helpful information to these babies Dr.