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It is a Saturday night staple on FOX, but today this hit reality show “COPS” announced it’s leaving FOX in favor of the network Spike.

Since 1988, “COPS” has shown the daily life of officers in the field, including Sacramento, but for the first time they are in Stockton.

They have been filming for the past two weeks and, already, Stockton Police say their presence is boosting morale.

“They get to go out and see the hard work our officers are doing everyday and our officers are able to display their talent on a national stage,” said Officer Joe Silva.

Stockton police hopes “COPS” will also help draw new recruits.

“COPS” has already posted information about the department and Stockton recruiting videos on their website.

“Having cops here, it is nationally and internationally watched so we can recruit basically anywhere in the United States,” said Silva.

Stockton already has 331 officers. They are awaiting grants to boost that to 361.

“COPS” will finish filming in a few weeks and hopes to air their show in the fall.

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