Brandon Bikes to Work: Day 6

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brandon mercer bike month blog

FOX40 News Director Brandon Mercer


DAY 6: I have to finally put air in the back tire, but I keep forgetting, so I was slow today.  Good workout though!

Things I’ve learned so far in this bicycle commute experiment:

*Killing a bug when it hits your windshield is FAR less traumatic than killing a bug when it hits your teeth.

*Lots of neighbors barbecue steak. Dang, it smells good on the ride home! You miss those things when you’re cooped up in a car.

*How beautiful the neighborhood is!  Riding through East Sac, the UCD Med Center area, and even down to Stockton Blvd., I pass neat little lawns, budding fruit trees, sleeping kitty cats, nicely mown lawns, and freshly painted Craftsman homes.  Sure, there’s also the used mattress thrown in the street, but let’s focus on the good stuff.

*People are courteous once you’re out of your car.  People wave, smile, say “Good Morning!” and seem to generally be social.  More on this to come…

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