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Cleveland Rescue Stirs Up Emotions of Garrido Neighbors

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


It’s been almost almost four years since a kidnapper’s  lair was laid bare on Walnut Street in Antioch, freeing Jaycee Dugard and her daughters.

There are lots of warnings to stay out and stay back along the Antioch block where the pattern of neighbors staying to themselves  helped a kidnapper’s plan stay hidden.

Helen Boyer saw Dugard and the girls she conceived by her captor out playing in the yard one day.

“They said they were friends coming over,” said Helen Boyer about why she didn’t question the presence of young girls at Philip Garrido’s home.

Boyer believed the story told by her peculiar next door neighbor, Garrido.

Betty and Frank Unpingco knew something was wrong with Garrido after having him over for a party.

“He was trying to call kids, 16, 18 to his place. Girls,” said Frank Unpingco.

With so much time lived so close to a crime that lasted 18 years and created two lives, folks along Walnut Street have much empathy for neighbors in one section of Cleveland.

Folks there are being criticized for seeing the Castro family at their home every day and not realizing three women were trapped inside.

Those women escaped Monday.

Some in Ohio feel guilty.

“Didn’t know so why would I feel guilty you know,” said Boyer. “I wished I had known. I would have turned him in.”

“People are very judgemental about how could it happen. Thinking, ‘you know this is your neighborhood, you should know your neighborhood,’ but you never know what’s living next door to you. You don’t know your neighbor,” said Betty Unpingco.

Though most people along the 1500 block of Walnut Street remain distant in the wake of  Dugard’s rescue, the Unpingcos have changed.

They’re reaching out to their neighbors.

“That way if you see anything strange, you might take a second guess at what’s going on,” said Betty Unpingco.

That move may stop a secret of suffering.

Philip Garrido is serving a sentence of 431 years. His wife is serving 36 years to life.

Ariel Castro in Ohio is just now facing kidnapping charges.

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