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‘Killer’ Dog Reportedly Caught in Lodi

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
lodi animal shelter

Lodi Animal Shelter
File photo


Sasha takes shaky steps into Lodi Lake as her owner tries to teach her about the water.

It’s the kind of fun pets and their humans are supposed to have, and what they can feel comfortable doing again in Lodi now that a suspected killer has been caught.

“I’m thankful that the dog is off the Lodi streets. I don’t want it to kill again, especially a human,” said Julia Dare whose beloved Daschund, Shelby, was killed by a pit bull mix in April.

Dare says the attacker slipped out of its leash and tore into Shelby’s stomach.

“We can’t get her back. There’s no way to get her back,” said Dare.

As Dare tried to save her dog, the pit bull mix disappeared into the city with its owner.

Now that dog is believed to be in custody at Lodi Animal Services, reportedly dropped off at the facility anonymously.

Someone saw it wandering and picked it up as a stray.

Since Lodi Animal Control hasn’t completed its investigation, officers wouldn’t open kennel doors for FOX40 cameras to catch a glimpse of the dog.

In terms of what should happen to the animal, Dare said she’s forgiven it, but “he needs to be euthanized. I don’t see another choice for that dog because it’s obviously dangerous.”

Schnoodle Jessie and owner Dave Hilscher want to safely enjoy the park where Shelby was killed.

Hilscher’s not sure what should happen to the dog.

“Uh it’s hard to say… it’s hard to say,” he said.

Sasha’s owner Mitch Felkins said, “I hate to say ‘put any animal down’ but some animals have to be.”

More important than punishment for the dog, Dare wants animal ordinances in Lodi to be permanently changed to protect dogs like Shelby and humans. Dare says she feels God is directing her path.

She’s working with city leaders on several ideas such as mandatory muzzling for certain dogs and a possible volunteer registry for any owner who feels their dog might be aggressive.

Animal control officers are still looking for the owner of the pit bull that attacked Shelby.

The dog’s fate will be determined after their investigative file is turned over to the county attorney.

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  • Converned Citizen

    Muzzle “certain” dogs? The dogs are not the problem, irresponsible breeders and owners are. It is so sad that an animal must be destroyed because no human taught it to behave.