High School Graduation Tickets In Demand

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


It’s a high stress time for the families of high schools in the valley as large families scramble to attend graduation ceremonies.

One person is offering $50 on Craigslist for a ticket to the Beyer High School graduation ceremonies on Thursday.  Several more are have listed a need for Downey High School tickets and willing to pay $20 for them.

It’s a ritual that happens each year at graduation time when loved ones seek to attend a red-letter date in the lives of students.

“Graduation is like the biggest moment of your life, you’ll never forget and people want to be there to celebrate,” said Natalie Castillo, an undergraduate at Beyer.

Yoeli Barrienton is a Beyer student whose family went through the ordeal last year when an older sister graduated from Davis High.

“Everybody was scarring for tickets, they were paying $50 for them,” said Barrienton.

Her sister eventually bought two extra tickets for $20 each.  Middle school and junior high school also have graduations next week.  Joe Hernandez got only 4 tickets for his son’s 8th grade graduation.  He needs twice that many.  He’s willing to buy them, but he can’t find any sellers.

La Loma Junior High principal Ronna Rutishauser says they try to be fair by giving each grad the same number of free tickets.  The number varies according the size of the graduating class and the venue.

“You can’t please everyone…we urge people the plan graduation parties.  Even if they can’t attend they can celebrate with their grads,” said Rutishauser.

Beyer student Thomas Moore is lucky on several counts.

“I have a small family so I think I’ll be all right,” said Moore.

When asked if he’ll sell extra tickets, he chuckled “Yeah, I’ll be making my money.”

Beyer High will use John Thurman field this year, the home of the Modesto Nuts minor league baseball team.  The venue seats 3,500 people which will allow each grad to get 7 free tickets.

Even so, there will people who will be left out and who may have to count on an after-graduation party to celebrate.

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