Mall Emergency Shines Light on Emergency Childcare

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Sacramento Children’s Home


A 4-year-old child plays in the back seat of car completely unaware of the dangerous situation he was left in just moments before.

Surveillance cameras caught the child’s step mom pull into the Arden Fair parking lot at 7:50 pm. She wraps the child in a blanket and leaves him in the car with their dog.

Moments later a mall employee spots the child sleeping in the front seat and calls security.

Security arrives at 8:06 and eight minutes later, the fire department shows up and unlocks the vehicle.

“In this situation we immediately wanted to get the child out of the car. It was not extremely hot either so we knew that was not going to be an issue with the child or the dog,” said Steve Reed, head of security at the mall.

By 8:46, the step Mother was found  and called to the scene, but because she didn’t have a history of neglect the step mother will not face any charges.

Police say the step mother and her partner normally have child care, but were stuck in an emergency situation.

That’s where the Sacramento Children’s Home comes into play.

“If your family is in crisis, you need a place for your child to stay and work with our case managers we want you here,” said CEO Roy Alexander of the Sacramento Children’s Home.

Twenty-four hours a day, the center provides meals, clothing and shelter for kids and infants who might be placed in a dangerous situation.

“We work a lot with helping families build support systems with other families so that when they need child care they have a friend who is in the same situation they can rely on,” said Alexander.

For more information on the Sacramento Children’s Home for to or dial the number 211 on your phone.

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1 Comment

  • tanya

    Yeah right, they want people to bring their kids to them for their safety? As soon as that happens they will open a case on you and try to prove your an unfit parent or can’t take care of your child and will end up taking the kids from their parents. They don’t help, they ruin lives. I know, they ruined mine.