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Man Accused of Killing Infant Daughter Speaks Out from Jail


A remorseful 20-year-old dad, Alias McLaughlin, sat in a protective suit inside the jail Thursday, where he’s been booked for murdering his 3-week-old daughter, Ada.

A bit stoic at first, he eventually broke down when thinking about his family – his mother, especially.

“I would not be able to look at my family and my mom especially, that I gave a granddaughter to her, when I’m her only child. I will not be able to look at her, face-to-face ever again,” McLaughlin told FOX40.

Sacramento Police said McLaughin caused fatal injuries to the infant’s head, after he allegedly threw her down and shook her.

The young father doesn’t deny what he did, saying he dropped Ada “about an inch” up before she hit a pile of blankets on the floor.

“At that moment, I knew it was gonna happen. I knew something bad was gonna happen. Why? I heard, I heard a [thump on phone], just a small [noise] I knew at that moment. I was already crying. I was already crying,” he said.