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Guardian Angels Helping in Hunt for Murder Suspects


They’re covering a lot of ground, posting fliers and handing them out, hoping to get the right lead to track down a killer.

It’s been two months since 28-year-old Josiah Humphreys was killed in Midtown near 18th and P streets.

Saturday, the Sacramento chapter of the Guardian Angels were out to protect others from what happened to Josiah – by trying to find the three men responsible for his death.

“We are out here, hoping someone will remember something they may have heard,” said Patrick Kent with the Guardian Angels.

And there’s new information in the case police released last month.

“I understand that one of the suspects was wearing a New York Yankees jacket,” Kent said.

The Guardian Angels say they’re doing this to bring peace to Josiah’s family.

“[He] was someone’s son. People [watched] this young man be beaten to death and no one is willing to say anything,” Kent said.