Battle over Bears Highlights Divergent State Laws

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


When a hole got ripped in the door of a garage door in Incline Village – that’s the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe – the Nevada Department of Wildlife wasted no time identifying a suspect.

Bear backers in the area call her Jasper. She’s a mother brown bear with three cubs. And they say if she’d done this on the California side of the border this story would be much different.

“If this bear lived in California, which we’re hoping she came back to, this would have been no strike at all. This is just something bears do,” said Ann Bryant, the Executive Director of the Bear League.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife set out to trap the bear and her cubs. Chris Healy, with the Nevada Department of Wildlife, said the culvert trap was necessary because Jasper had broken into the garage before.

But members of the bear league had other ideas.

“We’re not saying who did anything, but there were people who guarded the trap 24-7,” Bryant said.

And that’s not all. They placed windmills in front of the trap to scare-off Jasper should she show up, and stuffed teddy bears soaked in Pine-Sol and mountain lion urine to make an unpleasant scent.

And after two days and nights, the Nevada Department of Wildlife carted the trap off. The Bear League is hoping Jasper’s gone off too, headed west to the relative safety of California’s more bear-friendly policies.

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1 Comment

  • marvm7

    You tree hugging Pieces of Sh*t have NO CLUE. Trust me, I'll be waiting for "Jasper" to come to the California side this bear season. When I shoot her, I'll send you a picture!! Happy hunting…..