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Big Wake Weekend: The Drivers

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Today, eight boats competed in the H1 Hydroplane boat race at Big Wake Weekend at Folsom Lake.

At more than 200 miles an hour, the hydro planes are nothing to play with.

“Top speed. Once you are on plane you go from 60 to 200 in less than four seconds,” said driver Steve David.

In a boat with 3,000 horsepower, and strapped in a cockpit for protection, Champion drivers like Steve David know all too well the dangers and joys.

“It is a rush. You know you are strapped in with a 6 point harness, helmet, hans device, compressed air. You don not quite feel it because you are in an f16 canopy. When something goes wrong you definitely feel it,” said David

And who could not feel something at those speeds.

“I have been following the hydro plane for 14 years as a fan and being an actual primary sponsor it is a dream come true,” said Sponsor David Kurokawa

David finished in first place in his heat (round) today.

Gates at Big Wake open at 8 am tomorrow for the final round.

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