Lake Tahoe Home Owned by Howard Hughes Up for Sale

howardhughesLAKE TAHOE—

Got $19.5 million? Then you could buy a piece of property once owned by billionaire Howard Hughes.

The property sits on a 5.5 acre plot along Tahoe’s North Shore. It dates back to 1934.

Marilyn Monroe is rumored to have had a “tryst” with Hughes at the home, according to the Chase International press release announcing that the house is on the market.

The main home on the property is a five bedroom, four bath log cabin. In total, the property encompasses five units.

If you’re interested, head over to

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  • lacofortwenty

    God, wouldn't I LOVE to have THAT home. Howard would crap if he saw the price tag. He paid nowhere near that when he bought it.

    Some raghead will buy it, or someone else with alot of money.

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