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Elephant Rides Coming to Fair, Despite Outcry


Not even a vote.

Despite a well-presented effort by animal advocates, the contract the Board Of Directors had agreed upon to bring elephant rides to this years Nevada County Fair in August will stay in effect.

“The board heard testimony both for and against the current contract,” said Board President Tom Browning.  “They felt it wasn’t necessary to comment, so we moved on.”

“I’m very disappointed,” said Shelley Frost who spoke out against the elephant rides.  “I’m shocked.  I’m sad that the contract wasn’t even discussed.”

Frost was one of many to speak out against Have Trunk, Will Travel, the company providing the elephant rides.

Frost, and others at Ponderosa Hall on Thursday, believe trainers from Have Trunk, Will Travel abuse the elephants, providing an on-line video showing the animals being beaten with a stick.

“We do not want those abused animals to come to our County, to the Fair putting small children on their backs.  It’s a tragedy waiting to happen,” Frost said.