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Placerville to Use Micro-Shelters for Homeless

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


The Hangtown Haven homeless camp is toying with the idea of building small houses from sheds.

The 8-foot by 12-foot sheds resemble tool sheds in someone’s backyard. But Mark Murray of Murray Sheds has modified them to fit two bunk beds, a small desk, a dresser drawer and a tiny closet.

Hangtown Haven founder Art Edwards says his homeless residents helped build a prototype model and he said he hopes to raise enough money to build a dozen or so in assembly line fashion.  They won’t be for everyone.

“People can live in here only if they are either going to college or have a job,” said Edwards as he gave a mini-tour of the unit which he calls a mini-house, or a micro-shelter.

The plan is to charge a rent of between $100 to $300 a month to those homeless residents who have jobs. Once they save enough money, they can transition to an apartment.

The mini-houses have no plumbing, but they are more roomy and comfortable than the shelter’s tents.

“You have regular beds and places to put your clothes and stuff instead of in bins or in a backpack,” said Kenneth Green, who lives at Hangtown Haven.

The  facility’s use permit is expiring and it is in the process of finding another site which currently has 32 homeless people living in tents.  That would be a good time to erect more of the sheds if enough money can be raised.

The goal is to make the successful shelter financially successful.

“We would need no grants, no gifts, no money from the county, no money from the city,” said Edwards.

Edwards says the ideal situation would be to have the homeless with jobs support those who do not.

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  • coffee1st

    "Edwards says the ideal situation would be to have the homeless with jobs support those who do not." So — redistribution of wealth EVEN for the homeless now? $300 is absurd rent for a closet sized living space with no plumbing. Great idea – but needs tweaking.

  • fluffybunnypuff

    put in full tax deductions for:
    -charity for giving to the poor for their physical survival, $12/h+, +resources you spent and gave……$100/m deduction for being a registered organ donor.
    -business costs for making physical survival products. individual gets $7/h to $12/h for making and teaching uncoerced willing people how to make physical survival products.
    -education costs for learning how to make physical survival needs(renewable energy, water purifiers, heating and cooling, shelter, soap, medical supplies and services for testing for and treating physical health problems and birth control, …)
    -health care/insurance costs, and health care savings account(for testing for and treating physical health problems and birth control.
    let the poor keep at least $33,000 value of man made property tax exempt, plus 1acre of tax exempt land.
    -only man made property value tax, maybe plus sales tax only on lavish items/dangerous rec drugs. everyone allowed to keep at least 3mil started at age 0 minus $23,000/y, plus deductions. deductions roll over. tax % not higher for poor than rich.