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Animal Services Caring for Badly-Abused Pit Bull Puppy


Burned, illegally cropped and lucky to be alive.

Sacramento Animal Control is dealing with another case of animal cruelty.

“Help me figure it out,” Gina Knepp, the manager at the Front Street Shelter, said Thursday.

The two month old grey Pit Bull was dropped off there anonymously Monday evening.  Her burns stretching from the top of her neck down to her tail.

“They’re horrific,” said Knepp.  “It wasn’t a burn like a torch because there is no smell of burned hair.  It’s chemical, at least that’s what our Vet believes.”

Knepp says whoever burned the puppy also gave her a butchered ear-crop job..illegal, unless done by a licensed Vet.

Sacramento has been the most aggressive in the State as far as going after animal cruelty cases, and this one now is at the top of their list.  If you can help you’re urged to call (916) 808-5855.