“Very Specific” Thief Takes $40,000 Cross from Jewelry Store

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


It was a typical day at Sharif Jewelers on Howe Avenue, when a man walked in and knew exactly what he wanted.

“He was very specific about the cross he wanted. He wanted a platinum diamond cross,” said Naser Sharif. It was so specific, Sharif had to retrieve the $40,000 cross from the back, “It’s a 15 carat diamond, all VS, colorless, platinum cross, it was also the chain with it.”

Everything seemed to be normal during the 10 minute transaction, until, “He tried on the cross and as soon as one chain was on the counter, he tried on the chain and the cross – took off and grabbed the next chain that was sitting on top of the showcase,” said Sharif.

Surveillance video from Sharif’s internal cameras shows the bandit running out the door, across the parking lot and over a fence into a nearby apartment complex. There was such a ruckus with Sharif employees chasing down the suspect, that even construction workers a lot over, like Angel Islas, gave chase.

“When I got down from the ladder, I started booking it really fast, but by the time I got down, they were already gone,” Islas told FOX40.

Upon further video review, it was clear the “Unholy Bling Bandit” had help.

“He kept opening the front door and was staying near the front door to make sure there was a clear escape,” Sharif said.

There is one small problem with the bandits trying to cash in on their 40G diamond theft – that cross and chain are distinct – right down to the manufacturer’s engraving on the back.

“It is a unique piece, it is custom made, so we don’t think that he’ll be able to sell without knowing that it is a stolen piece,” said Sharif.

Sharif Jewelers is offering a $5000 reward for information leading to an arrest and the return of that stolen necklace.

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