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Woman Flashes Minors as Man Films; Both Arrested

Xu and bowen

Wenyi Xu and Nicholas Bowen


A man and a woman were arrested in Davis Wednesday morning for an indecent exposure incident.

The incident happened near the Covell Boulevard bike overpass. A worker in the area saw a woman – 30-year-old Folsom resident Wenyi Xu – exposing herself to some passing juveniles. The worker also saw that a man – 61-year-old Grizzly Flats resident Nicholas Bowen – taking pictures and video.

Officers soon showed up and were able to find the two still in the area.

Police investigation found that the exposure incident looks to have been planned. Further, Davis Police believe that there may be more victims in Davis, Sacramento County or El Dorado County.

One juvenile fell off his bike as a result of the incident, police say, but he didn’t look to be hurt.

Xu and Bowen were arrested and booked at Monroe Detention Facility in Woodland. Both face annoying a child, engaging in lewd acts in public, and conspiracy charges. Xu also faces an indecent exposure charge, while Bowen faces an assisting in indecent exposure charge.


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