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Knowing the Signs of Heroin Addiction

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The opiate high of choice in Placer County has shifted in recent years from prescription Oxycontin to black tar heroin.

“Look at that, that’s $500 worth of heroin and look how little that is. I mean, that’s ridiculous,” an investigator, who wished to remain anonymous, told FOX40.

When the chemical composition of oxy changed, the instant high was gone, leaving a generation of young people with an addiction that needed to be fed – and a heroin habit that couldn’t be explained away with a pill bottle.

You need specific household items to smoke heroin.

“Are you missing spoons in your house? If the parent says, ‘yes’, that’s a very positive indicator you have a child that’s an opiate addict,” said the investigator.

But that’s not it: dirty, plastic baggies may signal more than just a slob.

“You could actually manipulate this – if you heat it up to get a usable amount. So, this bag right here, you wouldn’t throw this away like a grocery bag,” said the investigator.

The heroin residue on that bag has enough for three doses – a chance to fall further into the k-hole.

But the biggest clue may lie in your Reynolds Wrap.

“This is very non dubious right? That’s just scraps of tin foil. Yeah, that’s just scraps of tin foil,” said the investigator.

But that scrap of silver gets turned into piles of foil that look like they’ve been drawn on with a sharpie. It’s actually the remnants of a high.

“The heroin will be placed on aluminum foil, this will be in the person’s mouth … you’ll administer your heat stimulus and the fumes that come off, you’ll see them and they’ll start chasing them around, sucking in as they go,” said the investigator.

And don’t forget this tube, it’s not just the remnants of pen torn apart during a stressful study session. See that brown residue? That’s heroin.

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  • republikkkans

    who cares, If people want to off themselves, then let them. Same with Cigarettes every time I see someone smoking I picture what their lungs look like inside but to each its own.