Mutilated Kitten Found in Roseville Recovering

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mutilated kitten

Photo of the kitten provided by Placer SPCA.


Placer SPCA is offering a $1,000 reward for information after a kitten was found mutilated in Roseville.

The kitten was found in the bushes near Vernon Street and Inglis Way back on July 9 by a Good Samaritan. That person then immediately took the kitten to the Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital, after seeing the condition of the cat.

Vets found that the kitten’s ears had been chopped off, only to be glued on the tips in order to stop the bleeding. The cat’s whiskers also looked to have been burned off.

The kitten is now under the care of Placer Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, with vets being “cautiously optimistic” about its recovery. Dr. Barb Jones, PSPCA’s Director of Veterinary Services, notes that the kitten may still be in shock from the whole ordeal and still needs to be hand fed.

“The person(s) responsible for this need to be found, in my opinion they are dangerous not only to animals but potentially to people,” said PSPCA’s Chief Executive Officer Leilani Fratis in a statement.

Anyone with information about who may have done this is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (916) 783-7867, or you can leave a tip at

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  • esco

    I've seen too much of this kind of abuse in the news lately and it makes me glad we have such good, dedicated veterinarians around. Thank goodness for them. And if you know who did this feel free to say so.

  • advcts4pblcsfty

    The pathetic legal issue here is that killing/maiming/abusing an animal (penal code 597(a)) and cruelty to an animal (penal code 597(b)) are on the non-serious, non-violent list of crimes. Can you believe that! Killing is non-serious AND non-violent! Thanks to Prison Realignment and our legislators who voted in favor of Realignment, anyone convicted of these crimes will be sent only to county jail, not state prison, for a maximum of 3 years AND will only serve half that time at most (so the max they will serve is 15 months and I doubt they will serve that entire time with jail overcrowding made worse by Prison Realignment.)! When they are released from jail, they will be categorized as a "low level offender" or a "low risk offender". Disgusting.