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Homeowner Shoots, Kills Suspected Trespasser


Only the straggling remnants of crime scene tape mark the swath of Dianne Road Turlock police officers had roped off for hours today.

Just before 8 a.m., a 911 call came into dispatchers of a shooting off Fulkerth Road, not far from Highway 99. The body of a homeless, 22-year-old man was found near this bar, not far from a field of sweet potatoes, with a fatal shotgun blast to the head.

“The subject who is deceased had been seen trespassing onto this person’s property and today, he was actually seen taking some items from the property,” Turlock officer Mayra Lewis told FOX40.

In a stretch of land that’s the line of demarcation between city and country, farm equipment and scrap metal are often left outside, a sign of country trust. According to Turlock police and neighbors who spoke to FOX40 off camera, it’s also an easy target for would-be thieves, leaving homeowners like 58-year-old Robin Boyer fed up.

“He was confronted by the homeowner and got into some kind of altercation,” Lewis said.

It was then, Turlock detectives say the shooting happened.

Neighbors on this dusty stretch of road say, surprisingly, they didn’t hear anything.

“Do you guys hear gunshots? No. It’s nighttime, it’s so quiet over here. If somebody gonna scream, you gonna hear it for a mile,” neighbor Yoav Osso told FOX40.

The case has been classified a homicide, but Boyer, who is said to be cooperating with police, has not been arrested. Turlock detectives say they will pass the case on to the Stanislaus County district attorney’s office to make the final call on charges.

Just like anytime a body is found, the case has been classified a homicide, though no arrest has been made.