Ceres Man Threatens to Shoot Dog in Facebook Post


After his Facebook post went viral, a Ceres man found himself being visited by some concerned police officers Thursday morning.

The man had apparently posted on Facebook about how he wanted to harm his dog. According to police, he wrote: “…She’s FREE. Pick her up today or she’s will be shot and stuck in a hole buy 9pm. Actually I’ll give anybody who takes her 20 bucks.”

Apparently, the man was frustrated about how the dog was pooping on his bed and chewing up his stuff.

Concerned citizens then started flooding Ceres Police to report the man. About 40-50 reports from five different states were taken by the department.

Ceres Police officers soon showed up to the man’s home to check on the dog’s well-being. The man reassured officers that he was only venting his frustrations. The dog looked to be fine.


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