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Dog Drowning Suspect Talks, Blames Transient Epileptic Seizure


From behind a glass partition at the Solano County Jail, Bryan Cavanah has no story of revenge to share about how he ended up drowning his Dad’s dog in this pond at the Fairfield Civic Center.

Instead, the 21-year-old only has confusion and heartbreak about the death of Kia – one of his best friends in the world.

“I was bawling out tears because I loved that dog … she was like a therapy dog to me,” said Bryan Cavanah of Fairfield.

Bryan offered to walk his dad’s three-year-old pit bull while his father Ronald was serving as a mentor at Solano County drug court.

Here’s what he remembers next:

“I came back to consciousness in the back of the police car,” said Cavanah.

His father was shocked when he couldn’t find his son or beloved pet.

Ronald Cavanah doesn’t hold his son responsible for what happened and says police shouldn’t either because he believes Bryan was in a trance epileptic seizure.

“It wasn’t his fault, I don’t even understand how he could be in jail for this because he has no recollection of what he was doing. He would never hurt that puppy,” said Ronald.

Bryan says he’s had epileptic seizures since he was 12-years-old.

Close family friend Jeremy Wallace describes the trance seizures he’s seen Bryan suffer.

“He goes from holding a conversation … to (staring off) and then on from there. It’s weird,” he said.

¬†Bryan says he’s had a rocky 21 years…struggling with grand mal and transient epileptic seizures, bi-polar disorder and depression.

He’s served time and had been on probation for an assault on a teacher when he was arrested Monday.

“I always look back on it and regret it,” he said.

Fairfield Police picked him up after a crowd of people reported seeing him hold Kia under water.

Bryan admits he’s had a lot of problems, but says intentionally drowning Kia just isn’t one of them.

“How could I be a murderer if I didn’t know I was doing that,” he said.

Bryan takes valproic acid and lorazepam to control his conditions.

He’s had his medical marijuana card for the last eight months and he says using pot has given him the most success at controlling the seizures.

Recently his family has had trouble paying for that kind of medicine.

Bryan is facing charges of felony animal cruelty and a probation violation in connection with Kia’s death.