Kitten Found Burned, Smelling of Gasoline Recovering

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A four month old kitten is struggling to survive at the Front Street animal shelter after being intentionally doused with gasoline and set fire.  A $5,000 reward has been established to help catch those involved.

“This was not an accident,” said Gina Knepp the Manager of the Front Street shelter. “The vet who treated him … they had to bathe him because the smell of fuel was so strong.”

The assault happened nearly two weeks ago, and the little guy is still in pretty bad shape.

“I mean, look at those poor ears, and he has no whiskers. They’re all gone,” exclaimed Knepp.  “We didn’t do anything to his ears. They’re just burned off.”

The kitten was found in a South Sacramento neighborhood, in the area of Manorside Drive and Meadowglen. Hector Munoz was leaving for work when he discovered the kitten in his driveway and immediately took him for help.

“I paid like 100 dollars,” said Munoz. “I wanted to take care of the cat because I was so affected on how the cat was wounded.”

So too was the Humane Society who this week, put up a $5,000 reward to help find out who did this to the kitten they now call Phoenix.

“Somebody knows something,” said Knepp. “I’m just waiting to get that phone call, and I think we’ll get it.”

Anyone with a tip in this case can call Animal Care Services at (916) 808-8333.

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