Police Catch Ripon Truck Parts Store Burglar


The items Arreola allegedly stole from the truck parts store. Courtesy: Ripon Police


Police say they were able to arrest a man who is suspected of stealing truck parts worth nearly $11,000.

Tony Arreola, a 34-year-old Ceres resident, was booked into San Joaquin County Jail Wednesday, according to a release from Ripon Police.

Detectives say they were able to identify Arreola as the suspect in the Tuesday morning burglary of the Burns Truck and Trailer business. Arreola is suspected of breaking into the business’s storage areas, making off with unique aluminum rims, electronic control modules and engine parts.

Officers soon learned that Arreola was trying to sell the parts in Stanislaus County. Detectives also learned that Arreola was on post-release probation.

With the help of probation officers, Arreola was found and brought in for questioning by Ripon detectives. In Arreola’s truck was about $8,000 worth of the property stolen from the truck parts store.

Arreola was arrested and now faces a felony commercial burglary charge. Detectives note their investigation is still ongoing.