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Back-up Supports Installed Under Pioneer Bridge after Safety Inspection


100,000 cars a day pass over this bridge above the Sacramento River between Sacramento and West Sacramento.

“It’s one of the most traveled bridges throughout the whole state of California,” said Dennis Keaton of Caltrans.

It’s called the Pioneer Bridge, and the last time Caltrans did a regular safety inspection on it there was something wrong in the results. That’s why they put up back-up supports, just in case.

“This is all precautionary. The pins are still in place,” said Keaton.

The pins he’s talking about hold the different sections of bridge together. In both a sonar scan of the bridge, and a second scan that works kind of like an X-ray, the pins came back abnormal. But right now they’re still doing their job.

“If there is any kind of danger involved we’ll just shut it down. Make no bones about it: if there’s a danger to the public, the bridge will be shut down until the necessary repairs can be done.”

A worst case scenario that would have drivers going miles out of their way to get across the river.