Roseville Girls Look to Help Santa Cruz Teen Pay for a Heart Transplant


If all goes as planned, a green bracelet will help save the life of 18-year-old Gavin Jack.

“It kills me to know that he’s going through this right now,” said Kyli Oleson.

Oleson wants to help Jack get a heart transplant.

“It’s not fair that it costs $75,000 to save a kid’s life,” said Oleson.

Oleson lives in Roseville and Jack 160 miles away in Santa Cruz.

“It hurts, I know it hurts,” said Oleson.

The two have never met.

“When I found out about Gavin’s condition, it hit home for me. He’s also in high school and I realized that could be me,” said Oleson.

It started as a senior project at Granite Bay High School and quickly turned in to an all-out fundraiser.

“If I reach the goal of 300 bracelets [and] t-shirts in one month, that’s already $7,000 alone,” Oleson said.

And this purple-y nail polished 9-year-old is the artistic master-mind behind the bracelets.

“It makes me feel good he could die at any time now I know I am helping someone and changing his life,” said Angelina.

Oleson and Angelina met through the “Beside the Blue Foundation” – meant to help law enforcement families across the state who may have financial hardships.

“The goal is to sell 300 bracelets and 300 t-shirt by the end of the month,” Oleson said. And if they do, they could end up saving the life of a total stranger.

For more info on how you can help Gavin Jack, go to

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