Newcastle Team Takes Part in Red Bull FlugTag Competition

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Twenty-year-olds from Newcastle spent more than two months and a thousand dollars building a 200 pounds craft inspired by the movie UP. And on Saturday, it will be completely destroyed.

In the movie UP, the characters launched a house into the air. On Saturday, the craft will take flight during the Red Bull FlugTag Competition in Long Beach and will then crash into the water.

The team captain of the craft, Brittany Bair, says they’re ok with their work being destroyed.

“We definitely put in a lot of time and we put in a lot of effort but I think that got us to the point where we’re going to enjoy it that much more. We’re going to be proud of what we did.”

The house isn’t the only thing flying off the pier. The goal is for the team’s pilot to also be flung as far as possible. Pilot Anthony Yanez said “As the front goes down, I hope it’ll sling shot me over on top of the house, but that’s just in theory.”

Even though it took a lot of hard work to build the craft, the team had a lot of fun doing it. Brittany designed a scout sash based on the Boy Scout from UP. Instead of badges, she glued on caps from beer bottles to represent the best of college life.

The ‘badge of honor’ that’s closest to them? The Newcastle bottle cap, of course.

Click here to vote for Red Bull Flutag teams.

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