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Fallout from Controversial Tweets Continues


This is the tweet that started it all: an aide to Texas Senator Ted Cruz cheering republican effort on gun control and Syria, promising that “we can defund Obamacare too!”

This on the same morning that the House actually did vote to defund the affordable care act. Even though experts say it has no chance in the democratic-controlled Senate, the thought must have been a little too much for Allan Brauer, the communications chairman of the Democratic Party of Sacramento.

He tweeted “may your children all die from debilitating, painful and incurable disease.”

That tweet twerked the Twittersphere.

“I’m very appalled at the comments that were made. I find them completely unacceptable,” said Sacramento County Democratic Party Chairwoman Kerri Asbury.

As she was teaching in her special education classroom, the calls started coming in. Asbury couldn’t believe what she was being forced to react to.

“Iit’s just seems unreal to me,” Asbury said.

Brauer’s comments didn’t stop at one tweet.

After Cruz’s aide suggested he should be unfollowed, his thumbs got busy hurling an expletive at @amandacarpenter.

He went on to call Carpenter one of her boss’ pubic lice.

Brauer’s position with the Sacramento Democratic Party was a volunteer and he was tweeting as an individual from his own account.

Still, despite his resignation, and this tweeted apology, the party’s left with egg on its face.

FOX40 went to Brauer’s home to get his side of this tweet-tastrophe.

The man who had so much to say on line didn’t want to comment about the situation in person and didn’t want our chat at his door shown.