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Oakmont High English Teacher in Jail on Drug Charges


An English teacher at Oakmont is unpaid leave, accused of having illegal drugs and reportedly asking one of her students to provide her those drugs.

Amy Davidson, 39, was arrested Wednesday after a student went to the school’s administration with the accusations, and the administration went to Roseville Police.

“It’s a sad day, and you never want circumstances like this for anybody, said Rob Hasty, the school’s principal.

Hasty says that while the investigation is on-going, a retired teacher has been brought back to take over Davidson’s classes. And there’s a lot of teaching to do here as a result.

Ironic, perhaps, that Oakmont High School will be a designated drop-off point for prescription medications later this month. It’s a program that seeks to get unused narcotics out of medicine cabinets.

Oakmont students will continue to hear the message that prescription drug abuse is as dangerous and destructive as abusing illicit drugs. Hasty calls it a teachable moment for Davidson’s students.

“We’re asking them to be compassionate and to have grace, as opposed to seeking a pound of flesh, which we often do in our society,” Hasty said.

And at least one parent who has a student in Davidson’s class agrees.

“Like I always tell her, you have good people and you have bad people… bad people will eventually get found out and the good people be okay,” said Ken Taylor.

Davidson is being held in jail in Placer County. Her bail has been set at $100,000.


  • metric313

    As an English teacher, she would probably like to point out that the first sentence is missing the preposition "on," as in "An English teacher at Oakmont is ON unpaid leave…."

    Also all illicit substances are considered equivalent in this article. Perhaps that is the prevailing view of the community, perhaps not.

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