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Outdoor Kings Scrimmage Serves as ‘Test’ for Outdoor Arena Idea


The Sacramento Kings took over the Capitol Sunday for the 2nd annual Rhythm ‘N Rims event.

Thousands of fans showed up to the temporary stadium built on Capitol Mall between 8th and 9th Streets to watch the Kings play in an inter-squad scrimmage.

“This is throwback. Basketball outside is old school,” said President of the Sacramento Kings Chris Granger. “We have some plans for the new arena, we are going to incorporate the inside and the outside as well.”

Granger told FOX40 that the temporary outdoor stadium outside of the Capitol building Sunday served as a test.

“We’re seeing how the court reacts, how the weather responds,” Granger said.

In fact, as far as they know, the Kings staff said an outdoor arena in Sacramento could be the first of its kind in the nation.

“It’s innovative, something that hasn’t been seen before … If and when it happens, I have to be there. It’s going to be awesome,” former player Doug Christie told FOX40 Sunday.

Rhythm ‘N Rims was funded by the Kings, and helped raised thousands of dollars for more than a dozen non-profit organizations.