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Atheist Billboards to Go Up Around Valley

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Good Without God: Atheist Billboards to Go Up Around SacramentoSACRAMENTO–

More than 55 billboards funded by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) will pop up in Sacramento this month. The billboards will contain atheist messages from the local FFRF Sacramento Chapter.

“They are going up to let the fellow non-believers know they are not alone,” said FFRF Sacramento President Judy Saint of Roseville.

But, Bishop Jaime Soto with the Cathedral of a Blessed Sacrament refers to the billboards as propaganda.

“While I’m not happy about these billboards, I am certain people still, when they look deep down in their soul and in their heart, find a spark. They believe in a higher power,” Soto said.

Soto told FOX40 he does not think the billboards will have a large impact on the community.

Saint hopes he’s wrong, and wants others to know what it means to be an atheist.

“We are just like other people. We celebrate the holidays, but we don’t believe in god. You could call us free thinkers,” Saint said.

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  • ppush

    Yep, I say those billboards are working, makes me wonder. HMMM, I am so grateful for Christ die so I can have freedom from sin and have grace.

  • chulagrl

    Yay! I didn’t know there was such a large, active group in my area! I’m definitely going to check them out. I’m so glad to see there’s a group available to get involved without getting God.

  • isaiah432013

    Quite funny actually… There have been FREE THINKERS around for ages… And yet, these people are willing to be thankful they ALSO get to have these holidays like Christmas off… Such unique masters of their live …. THANK YOU GOD for sending JESUS.. THANK YOU JESUS for coming

  • keithshow

    Thank you Mr. Soto for telling me what I really believe! Where would I be without you? Shall I return the favor? If you really look deep into your heart, you'll realize all gods are fake. Fun, isn't it telling others what they believe.