Online Sleuths Closing In on Stolen Flintstones Car


Friday evening, a 200 lbs. replica of Fred Flintstone’s car was stolen from the World’s Best Comics along Watt Avenue.

A cry for help went out over social media.

Many pointed to a similar car as part of a Christmas display in Folsom.  But as it turned out, Mark Runyan made his car.

“I made it for our Halloween and Christmas displays,” explained Runyan.  “We’ve had quite a bit of fun with it.”

The best lead so far though came also from Folsom.  Someone snapped several photo’s of the car in a pickup truck bed Friday night about 10:30pm.

“Back of a pickup truck,” said Dave Downey owner of the Comic store.  “Although I though it was going to be hidden or something like that..that’s what I figured.  Maybe a big van they would have shoved it into or put a tarp over it..but no, they just willy-nilly drove down the road with it.”

Unfortunately, the license plate is hidden in the photo’s, and so far surveillance video has not yielded any more clues.  But it’s only a matter of time.

“It’ll show up,” said Runyan.  “It will show up.

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1 Comment

  • foreverinspired2013

    Sad we've so many idiots who think of their immediate gratification & not about how acts like stealing hurt so many!

    Hope they NAIL the jerks who stole Fred & Barney's transpo for daily work commute!