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The Troubled Past of Foster Farms’ Livingston Plant

Foster Farms Has Until Thursday to Fix Possible Salmonella Problem

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Trouble for the Foster Farms plant in Livingston keeps creeping up.

First, it was a salmonella outbreak making people sick last year. Now, it’s an apparent infestation of cockroaches.

“[I will] take a break for about a month. I wont buy [Foster Farms chicken] for about a month because I am getting tired of hearing about it,” shopper Jill Stockton said Thursday.

Foster Farms has reportedly already seen a 25 percent drop in sales.

“While it’s a problem if you have cockroaches in a facility, it’s more important what you do to address it to make sure it doesn’t happen repeatedly,” Mitch Zak, partner with Randle Communications, told FOX40.

Zak says Foster Farms’ good name won’t be ruined by these two issues.