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Police Lose Track of ‘Bait Bike’ after GPS is Disabled


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Sacramento Police say they GPS attached to a bait bike was disabled, making it hard for officers to track down the person that took it.

“[The GPS] is an electronic device but, as you know, it’s an electronic device and it can fail,” Officer Doug Morse said Thursday.

Officers have yet to find that particular bike, but say other bait bikes are in rotation.

The bait bike program is designed to discourage crimes of opportunity.

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  • Rm69

    Does anyone proofread these days?
    Now, perhaps, they can get back to real crime??

    During the holidays, we went to Guitar Center in Roseville 3 times in one week to try out various gear. Every time, at 7-8PM, there was a white mountain bike leaning up against a column outside the store – never locked up. No possible way it was just by chance there all the nights. Must've been a bait bike.

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