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Well Drillers Stay Busy, Growers Remain Anxious during Drought

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The drought is forcing northern California farmers to find new sources of water, and that means big business for well drillers.

Tim Doherty grows about 400 acres of almonds in Yolo County and recently learned the canal he gets his water from is almost dry.

Unless something changes drastically, his water district will cut him off completely on March 1.

So, he’s hired a well driller to dig 800 feet down.

“All of a sudden, we have mature trees that need the water,” Doherty said. “And now we’re faced with nothing. So this well’s going to be hopefully a savior.”
Other growers are digging even deeper wells, going a thousand feet – or deeper.

Tim Parks, a well driller with Parks Water Resources says, “Because of the drought, the water table has lowered to the point to where wells that were put in 50 years ago are going dry,” Parks Water Resources well driller Tim Parks said.

Parks and other well drillers have been working seven days a week and are flooded with calls from growers desperate for new sources of water.

Growers like Doherty are holding off on planting new crops, while other crops they’ve already planted just aren’t growing because the rain they rely on simply hasn’t arrived.

Aside from drilling this well, Doherty says there is one more thing this drought has him doing.

“No secrets,” he said. “Just pray for rain.”

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