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Man in Coma Following Hit and Run Crash

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Inside of Rideout Medical Center in Marysville, Johnny Alvarez’s family is waiting anxiously in the lobby.

Alvarez, 20, is in a medically induced coma right now.

“He was merely on bicycle on the way to his 6 o’clock shift at Taco Bell,” Yuba City Police Spokesperson Shawna Pavey said.

Early in the morning on Super Bowl Sunday, Alvarez was hit by a car on Bridge Street at Highway 99 in Marysville.

“The vehicle took off. A short time later, a bi-county ambulance just happened to be transiting the area,” Pavey said.

Police say that ambulance stopped, noticed Alvarez on the ground and took him to the hospital.

“How could anybody do that? If they had a family member, a niece, nephew, son, daughter, would they just leave them there on the side of the road?” Alvarez’s sister, Raquel told FOX40.

His legs were shattered along with his hip bones and his shins. His heels have been torn off, his brain is swelling and one of his lungs has collapsed.

“I think that this person does not deserve to be free and walking around when my brother can’t even walk,” Raquel Alvarez said.

Police say they hope someone comes forward.

Doctors tell Alvarez’s family that they don’t know if he will be able walk again.

Police believe the driver of this vehicle may have been in a Lexus. Anyone with information is asked to call (530)-822-4660.

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