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Folsom Lake Gets Big Boost from Weekend Storm


Several days of soaking rain have made February a good month for drought stricken Northern California.

At Folsom Lake Sunday night, where some the drought’s impacts have been among the severest, waters rose more than 10 feet. The major, Sacramento-area reservoir climbed from 17% capacity to over 20% capacity.

Those numbers come from California Department of Water Resources sensors on the lake, and still must be verified.

And a trip to the lake will not make the change look as dramatic as it sounds. Yards and yards of bare shoreline persist, as the lake remains at an historically low level.

Folsom Lake is still about a 1/3 lower than it was in February of the worst drought on record, that of 1975-76.

February of 1976 was a good month for drought busting, too – water level increased markedly. Later that summer, it fell to a record low.