City Speculates Future of Downtown Landscape with Arena

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


It’s a spot known around the world, but would you want to live there if some version of Times Square popped up around the planned new arena for the Kings?

“The idea of height limits and lighting limits and those kinds of things. I’d say be bold,” Robert Rich said as he encouraged Sacramento’s Planning and Design Commissioners at their Thursday meeting.

“When it comes to signage on the building itself, I would like to see that minimized to the greatest extent possible,” Commissioner Phyllis Newton said.

Just what kind of light bulb moment Sacramento should have around a proposed $448 million facility came out of the dark before the commission.

The public got its first look at a  3D image of the special sign district that could telegraph all the arena has to offer.

Preliminary plans feature two designated areas – one allowing for several different types of signs with digital animation.

Signs in the other would be restricted in size and number.

Within those areas would be three zones.

They would provide  for messaging from zero to more than 75 feet high with deference to dense traffic and residential concerns.

It’s the first full day of planning and the second of celebration without threat of a lawsuit that could have sent the city’s planned arena subsidy to the polls.

It’s now confirmed there will be no appeal of that $258 million plan.

“It’s a great day. We’re just excited in general, not any particular thing about the lawsuit, just the project as a whole,” Kunal Merchant, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for the Sacramento Kings.

With the cloud of one lawsuit lifted, the clearer skies gave the Kings’ leadership a chance to unveil plans for a series of workshops to help bidders prepare for arena construction jobs.

The first will be held March 6 at the Robertson Community Center in Sacramento.

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