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Roseville Water Cutbacks Become Mandatory

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


As water dwindles from the Folsom Reservoir, the City of Roseville is no longer asking customers to conserve water – they are telling them to with a 20 percent reduction mandate across the board.

“The weather is starting to improve. People are getting out and making decisions on how they are going to use water,” Roseville’s Environmental Utilities Director Ed Kriz said.

With an anticipated need of 34,000 acre feet of water, the city says a 20 percent cut in use will keep them just below 30,000.

The mandate also calls for a 30 percent reduction on commercial outdoor irrigation.

It bans washing cars without a nozzle and prohibits the washing of hardscape surfaces unless for health and safety purposes.

While the city will not apply a surcharge for those who use more than they are supposed to, they say water patrollers will look for violators.

“For those violators that we see we will give them initially a door hanger and we will give them a certain time period to fix the problem,” Roseville Water Efficiency Administrator Lisa Brown said.

After the second notice violators are charged $100, then $200, then $500 if the problem is still not corrected.

“I think we have a very responsive community,” said Kriz. “I think as we educate people and tell them what the situation is and what we ask, they are going to respond.”

Roseville supplies its own water serving 127,000 residents.

Those who live within city limits, but are in different water districts are urged to contact their utility providers as they will likely impose similar restrictions.

Roseville residents can track their water use by logging onto Roseville.WaterInsight.com.

The city says they may apply surcharges if water use does not reduce by the necessary amounts.

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