Elk Grove Citizens Perplexed by Orville Fleming’s Hideout

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


After more than fifteen days on the run, Sacramento sheriff deputies arrested Cal Fire Chief Orville Fleming. Police found him in bushes near the original spot where police were looking for him, and it appears he had gone into more populated areas after his girlfriend, Sarah Douglas, was found stabbed to death.

Many were shocked he avoided police this long.

“It’s kind of scary that he was right here under our noses and the cops didn’t find him,” said Sacramento local Jennifer Melendez.

“He was hiding behind a bush for the last two weeks? That’s weird, kinda odd,” added another local, Bernardo Jaime.

Many people in Elk Grove are all surprised he didn’t run far after Sacramento sheriff detectives named him as a suspect in Douglas’ death.

“When he killed somebody, first my reaction was he must have left out of state somewhere. Somewhere nobody would catch him,” said Jaime. “I was kinda surprised it took them that long to get him.”

Others in the area are also questioning how he evaded officers for so long.

“I mean with the helicopter and all the gadgets they have now, it was a little disturbing he was here for so long, and there’s literally a park right there, a park over here, you know, a couple of schools here and there,” said Jason Woodward.

Meanwhile, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones says the area was well searched.

“We searched extensively in that area, using technology, using helicopters, using K9’s, using officers,” said Jones. “Since that time we’ve searched that area numerous times.

But Fleming may have been on the move somewhat during the day.

After showing Fleming’s picture to employees at this nearby McDonalds, several said off camera they remembered Fleming eating there, and that he once left his cell phone, before returning back to get it.

Police say Fleming did change his appearance by getting clothes at a thrift store, and shaving his mustache.

Meanwhile, most can agree they’re glad he has been apprehended, and say they hope the victim’s family can now rest easy.

Bernardo Jaime concluded, “Glad they got him before he injured somebody, or injured himself.”

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department says Fleming is talking to detectives, and is set to go to trial on Tuesday.

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