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Police: Man Shoots, Kills Self at Gun Range


The staff at the Guns, Fishing & Other Stuff store in Vacaville are shocked after a man reportedly shot and killed himself Wednesday in the store’s basement gun range.

Travis Morgan, the store’s owner, told FOX40 that something like this has never happened.

Investigators say the man, said to be in his 50’s, walked into the store, rented a gun and went downstairs to the range, where he apparently shot himself in the head.

The range is under constant video surveillance.

Federal law dictates a background check must be performed on anyone purchasing a firearm, but that rule doesn’t apply to those renting guns to use at a gun range.

People who rent guns at the Guns, Fishing & Other Stuff store must read store rules and fill out a waiver form.

Editor’s note: FOX40 does not typically cover suicides but made an exception in this case because of its bizarre nature.

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