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Neighbors Angry over Abandoned Property Turning into Garbage Dump

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Everything from rotting furniture, tires, torn clothing and even a kitchen sink fill an empty Modesto lot on Imperial Avenue and Seattle Street.

It’s like a landfill, except it’s in a residential area surrounded by children and homes. Modesto resident Beverly Jones often visits the area to see her grand kids and says the area is disgusting.

“Angry’s not the word. I’m pissed off. I’ve seen dead animals, dogs and cats thrown over here. I’ve seen people’s garbage thrown over here and they just back up their truck and throw tires, furniture,” Jones said.

Jones says the Modesto lot has looked that way for about two years after a fire ripped through it.

Two more vegetation and trash fires lit up the lot last year.

Neighbor Juana Rodriguez says large rats have started appearing inside her house.

She blames the eyesore across the street.

“These rats are huge. Huge,” Rodriguez said.

She’s lost count of how many rats have come into her home. Her children say they’ve seen the rats in their room and attack the chickens outside, and fears her children will become sick.

Stanislaus County officials say they are aware of the property.

Jami Aggers, the Director of Environmental Resources and Parks and Recreation, told us they have received ten complaints. The first one came back in October.

County officials warned the property owner several times, but they found out during their investigation that he died. So now, the county is moving forward to get the lot cleaned up. They hope to do it by late August, if not sooner.

Jones will be watching closely to see if that happens.

“You coming by here you don’t know what can be hiding in here. People make tents and sleep over in this crap. And it’s a dump! And why would you want a dump in your neighborhood? This is ridiculous. I’m talking about the safety of my grandkids and the other kids in the neighborhood,” said Jones.

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